RehabWeek 2017 - Committees



The RehabWeek committees are responsible to organise the common content of RehabWeek, such as the overall structure, the 6 keynote lectures, and the podium discussions.

RehabWeek Steering Committee:

General chair

• Dr Rui Loureiro, representing IEEE ICORR


• Dr Gery Colombo, representing IISART (for INRS)

• Dr Thierry Keller, representing IFESS

• Prof Diane Playford, representing BSRM


​Further Members of the RehabWeek Organising Committee:

• Steering Committee Members

• Event Management Team (Kenes M+; Veysel Guzel)

• Ute Schaefer, representing IISART

• Serena Maggioni

 Head of Scientific Committee:

  • Dr Angela Gall

RehabWeek Scientific Committee:

• Representing the IEEE ICORR:

 ICORR 2017 logo.png

o Dr Farshid Amirabdollahian, University of Hertfordshire

o Prof Etienne Burdet, Imperial College London

o Prof William Harwin, The University of Reading

o Prof Peter Kyberd, Greenwich University

o Prof Lorenzo Masia, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore 

• Representing the IFESS:​

IFESS Logo.jpg 

o Prof Nick Donaldson, UCL

o Prof Jane Burridge, University of Southampton

o Dr Paul Taylor, Salisbury District Hospital

• Representing the IISART (for INRS):


o Dr Martina Spiess, IISART

o Dr Gery Colombo, IISART

o IISART Conference group (Frans Steenbrink, Dr Thierry Keller and Iris Jakob-Binder)

• Representing BSRM:

BSRM Logo.jpg

o Prof Diane Playford, University of Warwick

o Dr Angela Gall, Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital

o Dr Nick Ward, UCL


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